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Unique 10k White Gold Black Diamonds Men’s Promise Ring

 Available in:
Platinum, Gold, Silver, Diamond moissanite cz 
and gem stones.

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This unique 10k White-Gold Black Diamonds Men’s Promise Ring is a product of TwoBirch Jewelry which has made a name for itself by creating top of the order wedding rings, bands, promise rings and other jewelry.

They are famous for adopting unconventional yet eye-catching designs for their rings and the White-Gold Black Diamonds Men’s Promise Ring is up there with such iconic designs.

As always, there is more to TwoBirch’s rings than meets the eye and this is the case for this ring. From the intricate design to the gemstones that go into the piece, TwoBirch’s rings go through a lot before ending up on our fingers.

Here is a closer look at this unique 10k White-Gold Black Diamonds Men’s Promise Ring.

Main Design

The unique 10k White-Gold Black Diamonds Men's Promise Ring features a round band with the face of the ring slightly larger than the rest of the ring with a sunburst style finishing. The ring’s design takes after the design of a WWE championship belt, which gives it a distinct befitting look.

The face of the ring harbors all the embellishment and styling. The rest of the band is plain and smooth while all the detailing goes into the face of the ring. The face of the ring features a channel setting with gemstones lining the setting.

The ring setting has a distinct sunburst design where rows of the channel lead to a focal point. The row is lined with smaller stones which lead to the main piece at the center of the face of the ring. This gives the promise ring a unique look.

As always, some of the best jewelers handcraft TwoBirch’s rings and the resulting ring is striking, to say the least. Here is a look at the materials and gemstones behind the design of the unique 10k White-Gold Black Diamonds Men's Promise Ring.

TWOBIRCH - Unique 10k White-Gold Black Diamonds Men's Promise Ring 1

Metal and Gemstones Used

The ring’s main band is made from 10K White Gold, which is renowned for its longevity. The white gold is accessorized with black diamond gemstones, which are 17 in number. Both the white gold and black diamond are natural.

The 17 black diamonds are round in shape and are pitch black in color which looks great on the white gold band. The diamonds have a very good cut and are treated by a special dye to enhance their look.

Dimensions and Weight

Although the rings come in various sizes, this listing is a size 10 with the following dimensions; 6 millimeters diameter, 2 millimeters width, 6 millimeters height and 6 millimeters in length. These dimensions clearly indicate that the ring is sizeable- not too small and not too big either.

As for the weight, the entire ring weighs about 5 ounces and this is greatly down to the 2.98 carats of black diamonds that are used. This male promise Ring can be worn for as long as possible without one feeling the weight on their fingers.

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: TwoBirch
Metal stamp: 10k
Metal: White-Gold
Gem Type: Black Diamond
Minimum total gem weight: 2.98 carats
Setting: Channel
Item Length: 0.24 inches
Diameter: 6 millimeters
Height: 6 millimeters
Width: 2 millimeters
Length: 6 millimeters
Ring size: 10
Resizable: Yes
Number of stones: 17
Stone Weight: 2.98 carats

Black Diamond Information:

Stone shape: Round
Minimum color: Black
Minimum clarity: N/A
Cut: Very good cut
Stone Creation Method: Natural
Stone Treatment Method: Dyed


TwoBirch has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.
They ask no questions and have a hassle free return policy.
At the end of the day, they want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

So feel confident when ordering a promise ring made by TwoBirch!!

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