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Yellow Gold White Diamond Solitaire Promise Ring for Him

Available in:
Sterling-Silver, White Gold and Yellow Gold

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Traditionally, promise rings for him are simple, minimalist, and more masculine with a matte rather than polished finishes.

However, men are slowly starting to show a taste for expressive promise rings with more details. Jewelry designers are catering to this need while maintaining a stark distinction between promise rings for him and her.

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Now, promise rings for him are available in a variety of materials, cuts, finishes, and with gemstones. Nevertheless, the thickness of these bands and other crucial features allow them to retain inspiring masculinity while still looking different.

Candere Jewelers understands these new designs, which explains why their yellow-gold Princess Cut White Diamond Solitaire Promise Ring for Him has an unmatched appeal.

Men developed a liking for muted gold tones and gemstones, and this 1-carat Candere ring is an ideal example.

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Design Details

The ring has a unique design that reflects the modern man’s personality – masculine yet in-touch with his emotions.

The yellow-gold band features a princess cut white diamond solitaire in the middle, almost the same width as the band itself.

The metal band has a combination of different finishes. The top surface is matte, while the cut sides and inner circumference show a polished look.

The inside of the band offers plenty of space for engraving and customization with dates or names.

Material and Gemstones

The diamond is IGI-certified to be conflict-free, with a good-grade cut.

It has clarity of SI1-SI2, which implies slight inclusions, such as feathers, clouds, knots, and embedded crystals.

Candere - Yellow Gold White Diamond Solitaire Promise Ring for Him 3

However, you can only observe these inclusions after 10x magnification and not through the naked eye.

Diamonds of this clarity level have more inclusions than a flawless grade, VVS, and VS diamonds, but they still deliver a beautiful shine.

In terms of color, the solitaire on this Candere Promise Ring for Him reflects almost the entire spectrum because of its desired color grade of I-J.

In this grade, color is mainly absent but it doesn’t reflect the spectrum as diamonds in the D-F color grade.

Candere - Yellow Gold White Diamond Solitaire Promise Ring for Him 5

Made from 14K gold, the band is made up of 58.5 percent gold, allowing a stunning radiance and durability at the same time.

14K gold is a popular option for most wedding bands and engagement rings because it’s far more practical than 18K, which takes up more wear and tear.

14K gold offers a balance between price, looks, and durability.

Weight and Dimensions

The ring comprises of 14 karats yellow gold and in the middle is a 1-carat princess cut white solitaire. The metal weight in the ring can change based on the size.

For instance, the metal weight of a ring size 5.5 is 5.07 grams. Men’s rings are traditionally heavier since they can go through more wear.

The ring has a height of around 1 inch, but this can vary, depending on the diameter and circumference.

An Eternal Gift and Display of Affection

This beautiful ring makes for the perfect gift on anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

A symbol of eternal love, this promise ring can encapsulate many memories that you share with your significant other.

A flawless display of craftsmanship, Candere’s rings reflects trust and a promise of preserving that trust, the core of all loving relationships.

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: Candere
Metal stamp: 14K
Metal: Yellow Gold
Gem Type: White Diamond
Setting: Channel
Total metal weight: 4.78 Grams
Ring size: 2.5
Number of stones: 1
Stone Weight: 1 Carat
Certificate type: IGI

Diamond Information:

Stone shape: Princess-Cut
Minimum color: I-J
Minimum clarity: SI1-SI2
Cut: Good Cut
Stone Creation Method: Natural
Stone Treatment Method: Not Treated

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All Candere diamond products are certified for their carat weight, color, cut and clarity by that verifies its authenticity and is manufactured in pure 14K yellow gold.

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