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Jascina is the leading manufacturer and retailer of fine jewelry, high-quality diamonds and luxury promise rings.

People worldwide rave at their solitaire rings, evil eye pendants, and the diamond-studded earrings, and lots more.

With such a mega global clientele, it does not take too much to figure out the outstanding quality this store provides worldwide.

Since times immemorial, the world has never been doubtful of one fact: Diamonds Are A Woman’s Best Friend.

However, Jascina even breaks this ancient establish fact with its massive male clientele from all over the world.

A look at Jascina’s fascinating men’s jewelry collection is enough evidence to prove why even men cannot resist falling in love with diamonds, just as much as women.

Jascina’s success story is one of its kind; let’s look at its journey thus far.

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The brand Jascina came into existence back in 2005 in North America.

Since its establishment, it has enjoyed a superior position in the diamond and fine jewelry industry.

Some of the biggest chain stores across the world have and continue to feature Jascina’s extraordinary products.

Soon after the brand started earning its popularity and success, a considerable demand for innovating ideas and designs and a barrage of retail clients started pouring, all with a common quest.

The world wanted more of Jascina’s fabulous products, and retailers wanted to ship the exquisite diamonds of Jascina far and wide.

With such a colossal demand for their goods, Jascina had to open its doors virtually for the masses globally.

On 19th February 2005, Jascina set up its eBay store and then register as one of the top-rated sellers on Amazon.

The constant success in sales and the ever-increasing demand for Jascina’s products resulted in its own official online stores’ birth.

Perhaps it is all the starry sparkle of the diamonds or the wholesale prizing; Jascina has only continued to experience constant and increased success and popularity since it started operations.


Jascina manufactures and retails high-end and fine diamond jewelry.

The store has an enormous diamond collection you will ever come across.

From pendants, fashion earrings, statement pieces, promise rings, etc., you would go starry-eyed once you behold the stores’ collection.

Jascina’s latest collection includes a broad offering of jet black, green, blue, white and several other natural diamond pieces.

You can take your pick from 18k, 14k and 10k yellow or white gold, platinum and sterling silver.

If customer satisfaction is your priority, Jascina will excel in that too.

The brand’s highest degree of customer satisfaction since its establishment has set a global record that others are yet to beat.

If you are unsure why this brand is the best place to get your jewelry from, you only need to look at their most incredible selection, the impeccable quality, in the fair prices they offer to be convinced.

Jascina’s portfolio proudly boasts of the jewelry industry’s leading position and extensive manufacturing wholesale, and incredible diamond jewelry experience.

Their vast artistry knowledge and the continuous efforts to go way beyond meeting consumer needs have earned them this reputation.

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Jascina’s Amazon store is as impressive as a physical store.

You will be dazzled by the thousands of high-profile diamonds in their online collection.

What else could virtual shoppers ask for than the most authenticated, original, unique and certified diamonds? Nothing more, we believe!

In their inventory, you will find the fanciest solitaire bridal sets, engagement rings, earrings, studs, bracelets, pendants and our promise rings.

The collection features diamond ranging from 0.005 CTW to enormous sizes in champagne, canary yellow, pink, green, blue, black and white and plenty of other fancy colors.

There is just something to make every eye sparkle and shine with delight in Jascina’s stores.

So why are customers always so experienced with Jascina’s products and services?

When you shop for your jewelry from Jascina, you rest assured of acquiring high quality and authentic gems that are worth every penny you pay for your luxury promise rings.

The biggest advantage in all this?

The jewelry pieces from Jascina never reduce their potential for reselling.

You can capitalize on the opportunity to invest in diamonds that will serve you for life.

You can even be confident of a considerable profit each time you shop or resell the diamond jewelry from this prestigious brand.

Most shoppers, small scale retailers, custom jewelry designers, jewelers, and investors fall prey to those who most often sell the diamond products at nearly 4 times the original manufacturing cost.

Jascina strives to bring you qualitative and very valuable diamonds directly from their factories at the original worth value.

For customers all over the world, Jascina is the best place to shop from, because:

  • It provides a guarantee for 100% satisfaction
  • You get a money-back guarantee in 30 days. In case a customer faces dissatisfaction with their purchase, they have the option of returning the product within thirty days for a complete refund. No restocking fees will apply too.
  • Jascina provides a limited lifetime warranty.
  • In most close by vicinities, Jascina ships order the same day. There is always insurance coverage with shipments.
  • Jascina believes in custom orders so that every customer can build the jewelry of their dreams.
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For many of us, diamonds only meant the stuff of dreams.

With Jascina, we can now turn our dreams into reality.

This brand offers the most authenticated, unique and innovative diamond and fine jewelry pieces at very fair prices.

From engagements to baby showers, you can make each occasion special for your loved ones by gifting them Jascina’s best rings and exquisite diamonds.

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