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Men’s Satin Brushed Signet Platinum Promise Ring

Available in:
sizes 8 to 12

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Men’s promise rings serve as a token of affection, a gift to be cherished, or as a symbol of a loving bond. Some have a conventional look, while others adopt a more modern design, but they all hold a similar meaning.

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This Platinum Satin Brushed Signet Promise Ring for Him is a traditional ring that shows all the distinct qualities of craftsmanship. Made to look bold, masculine and simple with clean lines, simple edges, and satin brushed signet, it’s carefully carved to provide a comfortable fit.

With a simple design and octagonal signet, this men’s promise ring has all the features to make it a suitable gift.

Design Details

This platinum men’s promise ring has a unique finish that separates it from matte and polished tones. Instead, it features a satin brushed finish that shows a beautiful natural texture. This allows the ring to have a muted glow when it reflects light, but it’s much more subtle than a fully polished finish.

The bold and classic octagon signet has a brushed flat top and displays clean lines and edges that are a fine example of refined artisanship.

While the signet sports a distinct finish, the shoulder and ring base have a polished finish, but even this has a dulled aura that adequately complements the platinum signet. The band is rounded from the inside for a comfortable fit that’s easy to take on and off.

Material and Gemstones

This promise ring is made from 95 percent pure platinum, making it hypoallergenic so the wearer needn’t worry about having a reaction from the ring. Pure platinum is pure white metal with unmatched durability.

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Therefore, the ring can withstand consistent wear and tear and won’t require plating. It also means that there will be less of a need to get it repaired because it rarely sustains damage.

Weight and Dimensions

As a promise ring for him that’s made for consistent use, this platinum satin brushed signet ring would weigh more based on the size. The same applies to the dimensions.

For instance, a promise ring with the size 10 would have a 0.79 inch wide and 0.87 inch-high signet. The octagon signet ring would be 20 mm wide and 22 mm high.

It would also have a total metal weight of 1.82 ounces. Men’s promise rings tend to weigh more due to the size requirements and because they go through more wear and tear.

A Simplistic Design that Radiates Masculinity

This Platinum Satin Brushed Signet Promise Ring for Him seamlessly combines the aspects of traditional jewelry for men.

With its muted tones, multi-dimensional signet, and strong metallic finish, it’s a prime embodiment of a minimalist and masculine persona.

This promise ring makes a precious gift for that special occasion and memorable event.

You can always rely on the Men’s Jewelry Store to provide you with the highest quality jewelry for men with a traditional appeal.

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: The Men’s Jewelry Store
Metal stamp: PLAT
Metal: Platinum
Gem Type: NA
Height: 0.87 inches
Width: 0.79 inches
Resizable: Yes
Model number: PLAT 22X20M Signet Ring

Diamond Information:

Lab Created: No diamond used
Stone shape:
Minimum color: 
Minimum clarity:
Minimum Total Carat Weight:
Stone Creation Method:
Stone Treatment Method:
Stone Width:

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This Platinum Promise Ring is proudly made in America. With a green process of ethically, environmentally and socially responsible production processes of water, waste and energy management.

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