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Personal Ring-Giving-Moment Stories


Every ring-giving-moment has his own story what comes with it. And most of them are soooo beautiful.
Do you have a good story too? (with a picture to show) And are you willing to share your story with us?
As we all LOVE those stories.

You can use the form at the bottom if you wish.

And don’t underestimate your story, as stories can be powerfull.
Maybe your story will inspire and help other people with their upcoming ring-giving-moment.

We hope it is a beautiful one, but we take funny stories too!

Thank you so much for sharing.

For your information:
– We do NOT show your email online.
– You may change the names and identifying details to protect privacy.
– All stories and pictures will be personally checked before they appear on the website.
– You can only send pictures in jpg format.

Please complete the required fields.
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