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Men’s Closed Back 18k Gold Promise Ring

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sizes 9 to 13

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Historically, promise rings were a significant token of affection among many cultures and civilizations. Men’s promise rings are a show of affection or to symbolize a loving bond.

This Men’s 18k yellow gold Closed Back Square Signet Ring is a rather traditional style that includes modern features like brushed finish and yellow gold tones.

It radiates a masculine persona with its clean edges and lines and minimalist square signet. With all of these features, it truly makes for the ideal gift for a special someone who is dear to you.

Design Details

This simplistic yellow gold promise ring for men features a distinct finish that sets it apart from usual polished or matte textures.

Rather than opting for a single type, it displays a satin-brushed finish with a natural texture.

The Men's Jewelry Store - Men's Closed Back Square Signet Ring, 18k Yellow Gold 1

This way, the square signet reflects light to show a beautiful glow, yet it’s subtle compared to a polished finish.

The square signet features soft, rounded edges with clean lines; an example for skilled craftsmanship.

Despite the signet having a satin-brushed finish, you’ll find that the shoulder and base of the ring have a smoother, polished finish.

The Men's Jewelry Store - Men's Closed Back Square Signet Ring, 18k Yellow Gold 2

The band is rounded from the inside to allow comfortable wear for long periods and makes it convenient to remove and put on.

Material and Gemstones

This men’s promise ring comprises of 18k yellow gold, which is the highest grade of gold purity. The gold is earth-friendly, which means it’s made using the Refined Karats System that’s certified by Scientific Certification Systems.

Yellow gold is known to be hypoallergenic to the wearer, so your loved one won’t experience any discomfort or have any allergic reaction to the metal used.

Weight and Dimensions

Usually, the weight and dimensions for a ring vary on the basis of its size. With this ring, the dimensions stay somewhat the same, except for the band, which gets a larger diameter for bigger sizes.

The square signet, however, has a width and length of 20mm and is 2.17mm thick.

The width reduces to 4.76mm under the finger. Similar to other designs of men’s promise ring, this Closed Back Square Signet Ring in yellow gold will weigh more, considering how men’s rings tend to go through more wear and tear.

Meaningful Symbolism Articulated in a Minimalist Design

With its refined square signet and muted glow, this men’s promise ring is symbolic of wholesome masculinity that is gentle yet strong.

The Men's Jewelry Store - Men's Closed Back Square Signet Ring, 18k Yellow Gold 3

The design combines all the features of traditional men’s jewelry and incorporates it with the refinement of yellow gold, to show how men can express themselves.

A promise ring is not just an investment, but also a precious gift for a loved one on a memorable occasion or event.

Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or any celebration, you can always count on a gorgeous promise ring to bring joy to the people you love and cherish.

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: The Men’s Jewelry Store
Metal stamp: 18k
Metal: Yellow Gold
Gem Type: NA
Width: 20 millimeters
Resizable: Yes
Model number: 18KY Men’s Signet 20MM Band

Diamond Information:

Color: –
Stone shape: –
Cut: –
Stone Creation Method: –
Stone Treatment Method: –

Proudly made in America!

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