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People do wear rings already for a long, long time. For different reasons too, as there are many different rings.

The most common reason why people wear a ring, is that it simply looks good. When you like a ring very much, then such a beautiful ring on your finger will make you beautiful too.

By wearing a ring, you also make a statement. It will say something about you, who you are and what you like.

Other reasons why people can wear a ring is an upcoming event, like an engagement or marriage.

By giving each other an engagement ring, you basically say “I love you very much and I want to marry you in the near future.”

But how about promise rings? What is the story behind those rings? Since when is there such a thing called promise rings in the first place?

But if you not familiar with promise rings maybe our blog and FAQ page can help. Every now and then we write a little about promise rings and everything slightly connected to them.

Maybe you even learn a thing or two. And hopefully it will make you just as interested in them as we are.

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