The concept of promise rings is simple – As the name implies, you can gift this ring to anyone you wish to make a promise to.

More often than not, the promise reflects your commitment to stay in the other person’s life.

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When people think of love and commitment between two people, they automatically think about the exchange of rings. With time, this act has become the absolute proclamation of one’s love to the other.

Whenever a ring is involved, people also think of it as a sign of courtship, and a commitment to spend the rest of eternity with each other.

But, at the same time, this also puts a lot of pressure on people who wish to simply express their level of commitment to each other.

There are many other relationships that we feel lucky to have in our lives. Fortunately, simply showing your appreciation for the other person with a promise ring is fully accepted now.

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People who choose to abstain from having sex until they get married frequently wear promise rings.

Thus, there is no restriction of when and for whom a promise ring can be bought. Such rings are available for both men and women and come in a variety of designs.

While couples can exchange promise rings with each other, friends can also wear them as a symbol of their strong bond.