Unlike engagement or wedding rings, promise rings have a lot of variety. Since they are free of any fixed standards or ideas, almost any ring can be called a promise ring.

Even then, many people prefer investing more in buying a promise ring. This is because the concept behind a promise ring is extremely close to an individual’s heart which is why it is not seen merely as a jewelry item.

A promise ring signifies some of the most valuable relationships you hold in your life. Looking at the ring makes you smile and feel lucky every time. This is why diamond promise rings are absolutely adored by many. 

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You can find almost any type of promise ring. The most common include: 

– Very similar to a wedding band, these are best for individuals that like to keep everything simple. The band can be thick or 
thin depending on the preference of the wearer.

People will be amused to know the story behind the band when you tell them that it is actually a promise ring and not a wedding ring. You can find gold, silver, or even rose gold promise rings. Some people like to think of such rings as a symbol of their pure love.

 To make the concept of promise rings more interesting, sellers give the option of personalized rings. The couple can have each other’s names engraved on the promise rings.

These types of rings are extremely popular because of the special meaning they hold. There is no better way of showing your commitment to someone than to have their name in front of you every second. 

Personalization has many other forms as well. Some people have a quote or date engraved on the promise ring to denote the significance of their relationship.

Incomplete Rings
– Incomplete rings are another adorable design for people wanting to show their commitment through promise rings. These can be thought of as his and her promise rings but are not necessarily restricted to a specific gender.

The idea of the design for such rings is that when they both come together, they reflect a complete picture. One ring has one piece of the puzzle while the other one has another half.

Together, they complete each other, which is the essence of a true relationship. These rings are also very famous since they have a mysterious touch. Onlookers wonder why you have an incomplete ring on your finger, and where they can find the other half. 

This gives a simple accessory a very special meaning, and you are unable to forget your special someone while wearing it. 

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Crown Rings
 This design is an absolute favorite because of the royal meaning it has. These rings consistently remind you of the value the other person has in your life.

The wearer gets a royal-like feeling by having a crown around his/her finger. Men and women in love frequently exchange these rings to tell the other person how lucky they feel to have each other’s presence in their lives.

Apart from the sentimental value, these rings are also very appealing and definitely catch the attention of every person you meet. 

They are far from being simple promise rings as they have an attractive design. Hence, they are best for people who want everyone to know about their other half.

Promising Rings with a Knot
– A knot reflects a promise in the best possible manner. A knot shows two elements tied together which signifies the commitment you have to fulfill your promise.

People who make a purity promise to abstain from sex until marriage usually wear such a ring. People automatically know how much you value the promise you are keeping since a knot shows a strong commitment.

Two individuals can also exchange these rings if they intend to keep a promise with each other. A pledge to keep a long distance relationship alive or a promise to be friends forever, a knot can echo all these feelings

Promising Rings Carrying Gem Stones
– The next on
e on the list are spectacular promise rings with gemstones. Such types of rings are stunning.

If you plan to gift a promise ring to your special someone, you should first find out what their birthstone is or if they have a preference when it comes to wearing gemstones. 

These rings are ideal for wearers who wish to have a stylish jewelry item on their finger. However, such rings do not clearly represent a promise and are ideal for individuals who do not want a lot of attention.

When wearing a promise ring carrying a gemstoneyou might not get quizzical questions about the kind of commitment they represent.

Key and Lock
–These incredibly stylish rings are great at keeping people together. This design requires one person to wear a promise ring featuring a key and the other to wear one with a lock.

What it reflects, in essence, is that without the existence of the other person, one would lose purpose. However, the rings mean much more than simply a striking jewelry item.

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Male Promise Rings
– While promise rings do not need to have a specific attribute to be suitable for a specific gender, male promise rings are different. For some men who prefer a particular material, such type of rings is appropriate.

These rings are often made of platinum or tungsten as these are the metals favored by men. They look very similar to wedding rings and might require clarification when people comment. 

You can also engrave something on the ring to make it reflect a particular meaning. Tungsten is a favorite in this category as it has a bold appeal. The black color of the ring makes it look very solid and has an exquisite look.

Not only that, a tungsten ring is generally very heavy and lasts longer. If you are looking for a promise ring that your stylish man will appreciate, tungsten or platinum should be your choice.

Promise Rings for Her
– Diamond is a woman’s best friend and if you wish to buy a promise ring for a special lady this should be your answer. 
There are various beautiful designs that you can find in this category.

However, they might cost you slightly more than the other choices above. But since a promise ring is so valuable and holds a precious meaning throughout a person’s lifetime, investing in it should not be a problem.

You can get creative with the design ideas and look for something that has a special meaning. You can find one that has a diamond of your favorite color.

This way, every time she looks at the ring, she will remember your importance in her life.  A diamond promise ring is also a favorite of women who value commitment. Not only do you get a trendy piece on your finger, but it also reminds you of the commitment you’ve made to your partner.

Promise Rings with Finger Prints
– You reach the epitome of love when you choose to exchange promise rings 
featuring fingerprints. Parents can gift their children such type of rings and couples can also choose this valuable gift item.  

Some people also like to engrave their names on such rings to increase their significance. In any case, it’s like having the presence of that special person in your life at all times. 

There is a unique level of depth in this design. These rings are sure to raise a lot of questions when you wear them.

Infinity Promise Rings
– The sign of infinity is a favorite of many people who wish to show their undying support to a special someone. This is why it is incorporated into the design of many promise rings as well. 

A promise ring featuring an infinity symbol shows one’s commitment to stay with the other forever. It is not necessary that such a ring is only given to a lover, rather, best friends can also gift each other such promise rings.

Parents also sometimes give their children infinity promise rings to remind them that they will have their support until the end of time. An infinity promise ring is self-explanatory and is truly remarkable as it makes you feel special and valued.

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Other common types of Promise Rings: 

  • Pre-engagement rings: Typically, these promise rings are replaced by wedding and engagement rings. 
  • Purity rings: Chastity or purity rings signify a promise to abstain from sex or negative influences, such as drugs or smoking. 
  • Friendship rings: Serves as a reminder for commitment and friendship 
  • Religious rings: These rings represent a commitment to a specific faith and are worn as a commitment to follow a certain religion or a saint’s preaching.