Promise rings for women might look very similar to engagement rings at times but they stand for something completely different. When you see someone wearing a promise ring, you should not assume it is from a partner.

This is the beauty of such rings. They do not label any relationship and certainly do not point towards taking the next step in a relationship. A promise ring could simply reflect a bond or a commitment that has immense value.  

Exceptional Promise Rings: Friends on car

Friends can give each other promise rings right before graduating. This way they can keep the memories and strength of their relationship wrapped around the finger.

During stressful situations, a look at your ring can remind you of relationships that hold value and people who are there for you. Other than that, you can also buy a promise ring for yourself.

In such a case, this jewelry item will bring your attention to how important your commitment is. You will never feel tempted to break that promise and will treat the ring as a medal of honor. 

The decision to abstain from sex, taking everything positively, or being honest to everyone – all of these are examples of self-promises. 

Then there are promise rings for couples that do not necessarily mean they are engaged to be married. Rather, they just signify that the feelings they both shares are worth something.

Exceptional Promise Rings- Couples hands

Hence, they have made a promise to each other to stay together during the darkest of days. Labeling it as a promise to get married one day would not be the right thing to do since it can mean anything. 

Parents can also gift their children such promise rings to accentuate the importance they hold. Even though there are many promise rings for girls and boys, many parents choose to let them choose.

This increases the chance of the kids wearing the rings everywhere they go and cherishing the item.  So, to answer the question when can you buy a promise ring; as soon there is a promise to be kept. To yourself or not.