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Lapis Lazuli Promise Rings for Couples

Available in:
sizes 4 to 9.5 (her)
sizes 10 to 16 (him)

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The Men’s Jewelry Store is undoubtedly the king of inlay rings and their latest ring featuring Lapis Lazuli inlays is the perfect example of why the Men’s Jewelry Stone reigns supreme in making inlay rings.

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It is an art that requires a lot of skill and most of the manufacturers tend to shy away from it. The Men’s Jewelry finds it easy and has made very beautiful adornments from this very style and these rings are one of their best yet.


Anything inlay is bound to sparkle if it is done properly and these rings are hand-crafted to perfection. The main bands of the two matching couple promise rings are round in shape and feature very little or no embellishments on the surface or indeed on the gallery side.

All the beauty and sparkle is held in the inlay setting of the rings and it doesn’t disappoint. The combination of platinum and titanium is fabricated first, leaving channels onto which the lapis lazuli stone is inlaid. The results are unique and quite visually satisfying.

The inner gallery of the rings is rounded and smooth. The smooth gallery allows the rings to slip over the knuckles with ease without pinching the skin or irritating it from long hours of wear. The rings are therefore as comfortable as they are gorgeous.

Metal and Inlay

The main metals in use in these his and her couple rings are platinum (His) and titanium (Her). The natural platinum is very strong and scratch-resistant. It also does a brilliant job in retaining its original luster.

Titanium is also a precious metal which is not only beautiful but offers great tensile strength and is feather-light. The particular grade used on these rings is hypoallergenic and has no effect whatsoever on the skin or your health.

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The highlight of these rings is undoubtedly the choice of inlay. The inlay in use here is lapis lazuli, whose first use dates back thousands of years.

These lapis lazuli inlays are deep blue in color and their antiquity makes them priceless. Their color together with the consistent metamorphic structure gives it a very brilliant look.

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Weight and Dimensions of the Rings

The women’s ring is 6mm wide featuring 3mm of Titanium 2mm of Lapis Lazuli and 1m of Titanium from left to right.

The men’s ring is 7.5mm wide which is 1.25mm of Titanium 5mm of Lapis Lazuli and 1.25m of Titanium from left to right.

The rings weigh about 2.4 ounces when shipped together but the individual rings are much lighter.

These rings are listed as wedding rings on Amazon, but they do their job way better as promise rings when you ask us. Beautiful and essentially a circle of prestige, quality and longevity.

As the circle is the symbol of infinite love, you won’t go wrong by choosing these circles of prestige, quality and longevity to represent your unending love.

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: The Men’s Jewelry Store
Metal stamp: Titanium Plat
Metal: Titanium & Platinum
Material: Metal, inlay
Gem Type: Lapis lazuli
Setting: Inlay-Setting
Height: 7.5 millimeters
Width: 6 millimeters
Ring size: 10
Sizing lower range: 4

Lapis-Lazuli Information:

Lab Created: No
Stone shape: Irregular
Minimum color: Blue with Gold Flecks
Cut: Crushed
Polish: Good-Polish
Stone Creation Method: Natural
Stone Treatment Method: Not-Treated
Stone Width: 2 millimeters


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About Lapis Lazuli.

Intensely luxurious, Lapis was one of the first gems used for jewelry, appearing throughout the Mediterranean as early as 4000 B.C.

Archeologists have uncovered carvings and decorative chains featuring Lapis Lazuli in the areas of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

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