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Skielka Designschmuck

Stunning Platinum 600 Promise Rings with Diamond

Also available in:
White Gold, Palladium, Platinum 950, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

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Skielka Designschmuck has carved out a niche for themselves in the world of ring manufacturing over the years. Besides their catchy brand name, they are capable of making some catchy ring designs, fitting any occasion.

Renowned for minimalistic and simplistic designs they have produced some classics and this couple rings are up there with their best sellers. Set as wedding rings they also perfect for the use of promise rings.

Here is its detailed description;


Skielka Designschmuck’s designs are famed for their simplistic nature and it is not any different in these promise rings for couples. The two matching couple’s rings are both round in shape and feature very little details on both the main band and the inside gallery.

As earlier on mentioned, Skielka is normally very frugal when it comes to decorations and embellishments on rings and this is very evident on these rings as well. Save for the mounting of the gem, there is really no detail on either surface of these rings.

To make up for the lack of decoration, Skielka opted for a glossy matte finish for the rings. The matte finish is really a statement on its own and gives the rings a unique look capable of standing out in a crowd.

Material and Gemstones

Skielka Designschmuck rings feature a variety of stones and materials. The ring manufacturers are not known to stick to any particular material in their ring production and it is evident in these rings where they have opted for platinum and diamond.

Skielka Designschmuck - Stunning Platinum Promise Rings with Diamond 1

The two matching rings are made from platinum 600 which is renowned for its durability and tensile strength. Platinum is also highly resistant to stress and can also weather the elements without losing its appealing luster. This makes it ideal for rings like these promise rings.

As for the gemstones in use, one of the rings features a 0.04-carat white diamond which is expertly mounted onto the surface leaving no ridges or survey. The perfect engraving of the gemstone onto the surface of the ring gives it a quality look with no room for interference from the setting.

The white diamond on platinum has always been a classic and it doesn’t disappoint on these promise rings. You get high-quality promise rings which are a perfect embodiment of the type of relationship that the two of you share.

Dimensions and weight

These matching couple’s promise rings come in varying sizes. The rings are available in sizes from G-14.3mm to Z+5-23.5mm and other sizes on special request. The width of both the rings is 5mm and the material used is about 1.5mm thick which is really thin in the world of promise rings.

Thanks to the nature and size of materials used on these rings, they are very light in weight which only makes them more comfortable to wear throughout the day. A single ring weighs about 5 grams.

What better way is there to show your affection than awarding your loved one with a quality promise ring? Well, Skielka is giving you the option of choosing a different color for the rings and even get a free engraving of your choice. How cool?!

Skielka Designschmuck - Stunning Platinum Promise Rings with Diamond 2

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: Skielka Designschmuck
Metal stamp: 600
Metal: Platinum
Gem Type: White Diamond
Ring size: 7.5
Sizing lower range: 6.5
Sizing upper range: 8.5
Resizable: Yes

Diamond Information:

Color: White
Cut: Very good cut

Comes with a certificate of authenticity!

  • One of the two rings comes with a diamond of 0.04-carat weight and quality Wesselton si.
  • The diamond is integrated into the surface - you feel no survey.
  • The width of both rings is 5 mm, material thickness about 1.5 mm.
  • The finish is matte.
  • The rate is, of course, for the pair (2 pieces).
  • The delivery time is 14 days.
  • An engraving is included for free.
  • Available in sizes from G - 14.3mm to Z+5 - 23.5mm, other ring sizes on request.
  • After receiving the order, you get an email from Skielka Designschmuck, where you can specify your ring sizes and select the engraving.
  • For these platinum rings you will receive a certificate of authenticity (expertise) of our gemologist and a quality gift box.
  • These rings are also available in white gold, palladium, platinum 950, yellow gold and rose gold.
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