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Platinum and Gold Interwoven Love Promise Rings

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Before falling in love, your feelings need to be on the same wavelength before your hearts are interwoven into an unbreakable bond.

MMGN - Platinum and Gold Interwoven Love Promise Rings 1

Imagine finding a promise ring that literally embodies your interwoven love for one another?

Well, if you are a couple looking for something that physically represents your inner feelings, then MMGN has something for you- the Platinum & Gold Interwoven Love Promise Rings.

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Iconic, market-disrupting promise rings for couples in a class by oneself. What makes these rings special? Here is a description of these couple rings from MMGN;


MMGN really outdid themselves in designing these rings. Although the primary shape is around the main shank, it has an interesting twist to it which is both emotionally and visually satisfying.

Emotionally because the ring physically represents your feelings, and visually since these rings are creatively made and pleasing to the eye.

The rings feature a closed main band with a trench running around the band both on the outer surface and the inner gallery. This interwoven trench is then filled with a consistent line of gold that looks like a rope that interweaves the ring.

MMGN - Platinum and Gold Interwoven Love Promise Rings 4

Save for the trench filled with gold, the outer surface of the ring is plain and smooth. The other notable feature is the ridge of the trench which gives this promise ring a distinct look.

The inner gallery is also plain but the company provides an option for the two of you to write special messages for each other.

MMGN - Platinum and Gold Interwoven Love Promise Rings 6

Materials and Gemstones

The main metal in use in these rings is platinum which is renowned for its durability and high resistance to stress. Platinum is also able to withstand the elements without losing its luster.

This makes platinum ideal for rings to be worn all day long hence its use on these promise rings.

Together with the platinum MMGN used 18-carat gold in these couple promise rings. You can imagine the value it brings to these beautiful rings. the natural gold used in these promise rings.

The 18-carat gold detail is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it is also very durable as well.

MMGN - Platinum and Gold Interwoven Love Promise Rings 5

The fact that the gold is entrenched in the trench offers extra protection from elements and scratches.

The entrenching doesn’t conceal the gold though and one can see it shine from as far as a mile if exposed to enough light. Because of its durability, the ring can be worn on a daily basis without worrying about it losing its value.

MMGN - Platinum and Gold Interwoven Love Promise Rings 2

Dimensions and Weight

Weight and dimensions play a vital role in determining the comfort levels of wearing the ring. This Interwoven couples ring weighs approximately 4.27g but this is subject to the size chosen. The rings are about 4mm wide which is also decent in the world of promise rings.

How interwoven are your hearts in your relationship? If the bond you enjoy is golden, then these beautiful promise rings might be the perfect gift for the two of you.

100% Unique!

  • These ‘Interwoven Love’ Promise Rings are made of in 18-karat gold and platinum.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • A personal and unique gift with your message engraved inside.
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