Just a simple ring.

This is not a story about a ring-giving-moment. At least not yet.

See this ring? This is the ring my father gave to my mother when they did going steady? (Is that how it is called in English?) Many years ago. It must be around 1950 I think.

It was the official moment they moved from having a few dates into seriously become a couple.

Do you see how simple the ring is? Its ‘just’ a golden promise ring. Nothing fancy or flashy. No huge stones.

As that is not how my father and mother where at the time. They both lived in a small village near each other. Both from hardworking middle-class families.

So, this ring surely reflecting their personality. Simple, humble, and nothing out of the ordinary.

It was the first token of affection towards my mother. The young couple did not know yet what life would bring them, but they were confident they want to go thru all ups and downs together.

This young couple did get married later on and would bring three incredible handsome children into the world…    (ahum).

We were, and are, a happy family for sure. My father did past away a few years ago, but the four of us are very grateful to him for everything he did.

My mother now is enjoying all the children and grandchildren on the rare days we are all together. You see her glowing from happiness, surrounded by all this love around her.

Our mother is 81 at the moment, but still going strong. And we spoil her rotten now, as she did with us when we were young.

I love her and my two brothers very much. And I’m glad this young man gave this simple gold ring to that beautiful young lady many, many years ago.

The only thing left to do, is to ask my mother how he gave her that ring. So this will become a ring-giving-moment story too…