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CZ Crystals 14K White Gold Promise Rings For Couples

Available in:
sizes 6 to 9 for her, and 8 to 13 for him

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A disappearing feature in modern promise rings for especially men are visible embellishments and decorations on the main band of the rings.

Most manufacturers prefer plain and smooth profiles on their rings but this does not mean that there are no exceptions.

Manufacturers like GiveMeGold, dare to be different as seen in these 14K White Gold Promise Ring for Couples with CZ Crystals.

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Despite adopting a pretty conventional band shape in the world of promise rings, these Promise Ring for Couples with CZ Crystal still manages to aesthetically stand out.

Here is a closer look at the details of the ring and the gems and metals behind the promise ring from GiveMeGold.


As earlier on mentioned, the rings adopt a rather conventional band shape. What makes the ring stand out, is the notable embellishments and adornments on its outer profile.

The shanks outer profile features two layers of metal. The inner round later is the main skeleton of the ring and is smooth both on the gallery side and the outer side onto which the layer with embellishments and gems is held.

The outer layer of the ring features a number of evenly distributed holes which display the gems along the circumference of the ring. The outer layer is also not complete and holds the main stone in a tension-mount setting which really, is the highlight of the ring’s design.

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Metal and Gemstones

These 14K White Gold Promise Rings for Couples with CZ Crystals are one of the few promise rings that do not feature diamond gemstones. GiveMeGold instead opts for cubic zirconia crystals as the main stones to accentuate the white gold in use.

Cubic Zirconia is renowned for being optically flawless, hard and colorless. These features give cubic zirconia an uncanny resemblance with diamonds only that the former is denser. It, however, is very sparkly when exposed to light.

The cubic zirconia crystals are round brilliant in shape, white in color and are synthetically created. To reinforce them, the crystals are heat treated first before they are used to make rings. Both Promise Rings with CZ Crystals features a total of 10 crystals.

The main metal in use in this ring is 14K White Gold, whose aesthetic appeal and value cannot be stressed enough. The gold is not only good looking, but it is also very durable and can withstand the weather elements without any problem.

Size and Weight of the Promise Rings

This duo promise ring for him and her weighs about 7 grams in total with the majority of the weight contributed by the 14K white gold.

The listing of these rings comes in various sizes and the manufacturer offers resizing services upon request.

Are these rings good enough for the both of you? Well, this depends on both your preferences and taste in life. One thing is for sure though, GiveMeGold’s products never disappoint in quality and the physical appeal is always there for everyone to see.

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Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: GiveMeGold
Metal stamp: 14k
Metal: White Gold
Gem Type: Cubic Zirconia
Setting: tension-mount
Width: 4 millimeters
Total metal weight: 5.30 Grams
Ring size: 7
Number of stones: 10

Cubic-Zirconia Information:

Stone shape: Round Brilliant
Minimum color: White
Stone Creation Method: Synthetic
Stone Treatment Method: Heat Treated

  • Genuine 14k gold – NOT plated or filled.
  • A gift box is included.
  • Brilliant synthetic cubic zirconias shine and sparkle with beauty and elegance.
  • His band is 6mm wide and hers is 4mm wide.
  • Enter his and her ring sizes in the gift message field during checkout at Amazon. GiveMeGold will email confirm.
  • Ships with a signature requirement. Courier will not deliver without a signature release.
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