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14k Yellow Gold CZ Crystals Couple Promise Rings

Available in:
sizes 6 to 9 (her)
8 to 13 (him)

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What Types Of Promise Rings Are There?

There is a multitude of types when it comes to promise rings because unlike a traditional wedding band or engagement ring, a promise ring can symbolize any formal agreement, and not just of the romantic kind.

That’s why you’ll find that promise rings come in different designs, metals, and accents.

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In fact, they even come in styles similar to minimalist wedding bands.

Partners or spouses can gift their significant other a promise ring set as well, so they can wear the same style of ring as a show of affection.

One prime example of a duo set is the GiveMeGold 14k Yellow Gold White Rhodium, Matching Promise Rings for Couples.

Design Details

Both promise rings have a similar design of a yellow gold band with white rhodium detailing.

To begin with, the yellow gold band has a smooth inside with slightly curved edges, which allows for easy wear and comfortable transition without much friction.

The top of the band is differentiated thanks to textured yellow gold, cubic zirconia crystals, and white rhodium accents.

The yellow gold band is highlighted from the top thanks to a sandblasted texture, which sets it apart from the smoother, high-polish lower arc.

GiveMeGold - 14k Yellow Gold CZ Crystals Couple Promise Rings 1

The white rhodium accent appears at a slanted angle, with two distinct slants on both sides of the center crystal.

A stunning synthetic cubic zirconia crystal is held at the center between two ends of the band, tipped with white rhodium, with a tension-mount setting.

The two slants of white rhodium detailing on the sides of the center crystal each contain three delicate synthetic cubic zirconia crystals.

This makes them sparkle and shine under the light.

Material and Gemstones

The yellow gold band is made from genuine 14k gold rather than just plated or filled.

14k gold differs from 10k, 18k, and 24k, making it the best choice for a promise ring.

While 14k gold contains a higher amount of pure gold than 10k, it’s definitely less than 18k, and 24k, which is pure gold.

14k gold includes more traces of filler metals than 18k, but less than 10k.

It is 58.3% pure gold (14 parts out of 24) and contains fillers like silver, copper, zinc, and nickel.

The beautiful gemstones in this duo of promise rings are synthetic cubic zirconias that deliver a gorgeous sparkle.

Weight and Dimensions

The promise ring for men is 5mm wide while the promise ring for women is 3.5mm wide.

Altogether, both rings have a total of 14 stones.

The total metal weight of this promise ring duo set is 5.60 grams.

GiveMeGold - 14k Yellow Gold CZ Crystals Couple Promise Rings 3

Gorgeous Yellow Gold Accented By Brilliant Crystals and White Rhodium

Unlike traditional promise rings, GiveMeGold’s set of promise rings for him and her are special and have a distinct look that’s more modern.

In addition, it includes sparkling cubic zirconia crystals that deliver a captivating finish.

The difference in textures and contrast of colors makes for a unique set that complements their personalities.

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: GiveMeGold
Metal stamp: 14k
Metal: Yellow Gold
Gem Type: Cubic Zirconia
Setting: tension-mount
Width: 3.5 millimeters
Total metal weight: 5.60 Grams
Number of stones: 14

Cubic-Zirconia Information:

Stone shape: Round brilliant
Minimum color: White
Stone Creation Method: Synthetic
Stone Treatment Method: Heat treated

Genuine 14k Gold!

  • Not plated or filled, but genuine 14k gold.
  • A gift box is included.
  • Shiny sparkling synthetic cubic zirconias for beauty and elegance.
  • Enter both ring sizes in the gift message field during checkout at Amazon.
  • Available in sizes 6 to 9 for her and 8 to 13 for him. 
  • GiveMeGold will email you for confirming.
  • Ships with a signature requirement for safe delivery.
  • Courier will NOT deliver without a signature release.
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