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14K Tricolor Gold Promise Rings

Available in:
sizes 5 to 9 (her)
sizes 8 to 13 (him)

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GiveMeGold have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the world of manufacturing promise rings and other occasional bands.

Famed for their pure gold use, GiveMeGold is more flexible on the use of gemstones than most manufacturers as it is evident on these stunning Tricolor matching couple promise rings.

GiveMeGold - 14K Tricolor Gold Promise Rings 1

Using Cubic Zirconia crystals as the gems in this particular ring, GiveMeGold is not rigid about the exclusive use of diamonds as the main stone and this has contributed to the popularity of the brand.

GiveMeGold’s promise rings are however about much more than just the use of various gemstones and we want to take a closer look at the makings of these 14K Tricolor promise rings for couples.


The talented craftsmen at GiveMeGold did a brilliant job on the design of these rings.

Featuring a round main band with the concave profile what gives both rings a distinct look. Which is enhanced by the unusual choice of material, color and setting.

GiveMeGold - 14K Tricolor Gold Promise Rings 2

The setting used on both promise rings are not only pleasing to the eye, it creates the illusion that the cubic zirconias used are actually larger than they are.

There are only 6 cubic zirconia crystals used on each ring, but without close inspection, you’d easily think that the stones are way more than that.

Although both the surface and gallery of the ring lack any decorations or embellishments, the clever color combination and the brilliance of the cubic zirconia crystals give this ring a distinct look, perfect for any occasion.

Metal and Gemstones

As already mentioned above, the main band of each ring is created from 14K gold which is an ideal option in the world of promise rings.

A 14K gold ring is not only durable, it oozes class and value which makes it a favored option in the world of promise rings. The 14K yellow gold is natural and is used after minimal treatment and refining.

As for the gemstone, GiveMeGold opts for cubic zirconia crystals. Cubic zirconia crystals are a real rival to diamonds and people are quickly finding a soft spot in them.

As brilliant and durable as diamonds, the cubic zirconia crystals used on this ring are white and round brilliant. They are synthetically created to mimic high-quality diamonds and are heat treated to enhance their durability.

Dimensions and weight

These promise rings come in a number of sizes and you can select the perfect size before ordering. As for the size, her ring is 4.5 millimeters wide and his about 6.5mm which is an ideal width of rings. Ideal in that the ring is not too conspicuous and not small.

GiveMeGold - 14K Tricolor Gold Promise Rings 3

Both rings weight about 5 grams which are also a perfect weight for any ring. It is not too heavy and neither is it too light to be ignored on the finger.

These promise rings could be a perfect way to express your promise or commitment to that special person in your life. Not too flashy but surely classy enough to make anyone feel very, very appreciated.

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: GiveMeGold
Metal stamp: 14k
Metal: Yellow Gold
Gem Type: Cubic Zirconia
Setting: Pave Setting
Width: 4.5 millimeters
Total metal weight: 4.90 Grams
Ring size: 7
Number of stones: 6

Cubic-Zirconia Information:

Stone shape: Round brilliant
Minimum color: White
Stone Creation Method: Synthetic
Stone Treatment Method: Heat Treated

100% GENUINE 14K!

  • Not plated or filled, but genuine 14k gold.
  • A gift box is included.
  • Shiny sparkling synthetic cubic zirconias for beauty and elegance.
  • Enter both ring sizes in the gift message field during checkout at Amazon.
  • Available in sizes 5 to 9 for her and 8 to 13 for him. 
  • GiveMeGold will email you for confirming.
  • Ships with a signature requirement for safe delivery.
  • Courier will NOT deliver without a signature release.
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