DQ Jewelry - 1.58ct CZ Brilliant 14k Rose Gold Solitaire Promise Ring 1A


1.58ct CZ Brilliant 14k Rose Gold Solitaire Promise Ring

Available in:
Rose, White-Gold and Yellow-Gold
Sizes 3.5 to 11

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Synthetically created Cubic Zirconia is renowned for being optically flawless, hard and almost colorless.

These features give cubic zirconia an uncanny resemblance with diamonds only that cubic zirconia crystals are denser.

Unless you are an expert in gemstones, you can’t possibly tell the difference between zirconia and diamonds.

DQ Jewelry - 1.58ct CZ Brilliant 14k Rose Gold Solitaire Promise Ring 1

It is not surprising therefore that a lot of manufacturers opt for cubic zirconia crystals to manufacture gemstones for promise rings and other occasional bands.

DQ Jewelry has taken this bold step as well in their latest women’s promise ring and the results are astonishingly brilliant.

The DQ Jewelry 1.58ct CZ Brilliant 14k Rose Gold Solitaire Promise Ring dons a pretty conservative design with a prong setting and a single stone but there is more to this promise ring than meets the eye.

Here is a closer look at this Promise Ring and the intricacies behind its design and manufacturer;

DQ Jewelry - 1.58ct CZ Brilliant 14k Rose Gold Solitaire Promise Ring 2


The promise ring’s design is well and truly plain and simple. It lacks any special embellishments, overt styling or too much use of gemstones. The ring features a classic round band and a single gemstone held in a 4-prong setting.

Despite being plain on the main profile, the band is very well polished and is pleasing to the eye. The band is very smooth and consistently round.

The gallery, on the other hand, has two grooves which terminate near the bottom of the ring. These grooves are used to reduce the amount of metal used in making the ring, hence making it lighter.

The 4 prongs project from the face of the ring and hold the zirconia gemstones in position. They rise from a single point which gives the whole setting a distinct look.

The round brilliant stone is carefully held into position by the 4 prongs resulting in a unique solitaire promise ring.

Metal and Gemstones of the DQ Jewelry Promise Ring

The main metal in use in this ring is 14K Rose Gold although there is an option of white and yellow gold as well.

The 14K Rose Gold is both aesthetically appealing and structurally sound. The gold doesn’t lose its luster easily and can withstand the toughest of elements.

The gemstone used in this rings is the cubic zirconia which has an uncanny resemblance to natural diamond. The particular crystals used in this ring are diamond simulants synthetically created in Russia to resemble a natural diamond.

The crystals have the same optical characteristics as natural diamond and even under the scrutiny of a microscope, you can’t quite tell the difference. The crystals have the same accent, color and clarity as natural diamonds only that they are way cheaper than natural diamonds.

Weight and dimensions

The DQ Jewelry Promise Ring in its entirety weighs about 2.08 ounces. The ring is 3.5 inches long. 2.5 inches high and 2.5 long. This makes this ring small and very light perfect for long hours of wear.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. This ring looks plain and simple but its backstory and what goes into its making gives it unmatched value in the world of promise rings.

DQ Jewelry - 1.58ct CZ Brilliant 14k Rose Gold Solitaire Promise Ring 3

Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: DQ Jewelry
Metal stamp: 14k
Metal: NA
Material: NA
Gem Type: NA
Setting: Prong-Setting
Item Length: 3.50 inches
Height: 2.50 inches
Width: 2.50 inches
Length: 3.50 inches

Gem Type Information:

Stone shape: Round Brilliant
Minimum color: White
Stone Creation Method: Synthetic
Stone Treatment Method: Heat Treated

100% created, designed and manufactured in Los Angeles!

  • Almost visibly impossible difference to a real diamond
  • Solid 14k gold designer Jewlery
  • Finest Russian Simulated Cubic Zirconia Diamond in Elegant DQ Jewelry’s Box Included
  • Designed, manufactured and sold by DQ Jewlery in the United States
  • Free upgrade to Rose, White and Yellow Gold
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