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18K White Gold Eternal Couple’s Promise Ring

Available in:
Women’s size 4.5 – Men’s size 6.5
Women’s size 6.5 – Men’s size 8.5

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The days of plain, simple and unadorned promise rings are well and truly behind us. Couple promise rings have evolved over time and their value among relationships has heightened.

A lot more couples are investing in promise rings and ring manufacturers are paying more attention to the previously neglected bands and the results have been tremendous.

Modern-day his and hers promise rings are characterized by ingenious design work, flashy gemstones and classy finishes.

Manufacturers like Caraterra Fine Gold Jewelry are at the forefront revolutionizing the world of rings by producing exceptional promise rings, such as these 18K White Gold Eternal Promise Rings for Couples.

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To give you a feel of how modernized these modern promise rings for couples from Caraterra are, here is a vivid description and close inspection of these promise rings;


Just as the value of promise rings has grown in value in the society, so have the design intricacies of the modern day promise rings.

This is evident on these rings from Caraterra which feature a host of revolutionary features and design work.

These rings feature a round main band with a slightly larger concave face which also holds the main stone in a bezel setting.

These promise rings are adorned by the talented craftsmen at Caraterra giving them a distinct look which is as unique as the love you share for your loved one.

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The main face of the ring, in particular, is quite a sight to behold.

The inverted square bezel setting together with the contours on the immediate surroundings of the stone give these couple promise rings a look that is hard to miss in a crowd.

Metal and Gemstone

Caraterra opted for 18K white gold for these couple promise rings. 18K White Gold is ideal for promise rings because of the perfect balance it offers between sturdiness and purity.

A subtle amount of impurities are added to make the resulting alloy stronger and more resistant to scratches. The white gold is also valuable and gorgeous to look at.

The stone in use in these rings is white diamond which is round in shape. White diamond on white gold is a timeless classic and it clearly shows on these promise rings for couples.

The white diamond with a minimum clarity of SI to G is flawless and can be spotted from as far out as a mile if exposed to sufficient light.

Dimensions and Weight of the couple’s rings

These rings come in different sizes for him and her but the width and length is uniform. The rings are 0.18 inches wide and 0.23 inches long and this is well within the ‘subtle’ dimension for rings.

The rings also weigh about 5 grams each but this is subject to the change depending on the size that one opts for.

White diamonds on white gold has always been a classic especially on occasional bands and once again the combo came up trumps in these matching promise rings from Caraterra.

Use these masterpieces to express your love and commitment to one another, and let the world see how beautiful your relationship is.

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Jewelry Information:

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name: Caratera Fine Gold Jewelry
Metal stamp: 18k
Metal: White Gold
Gem Type: White Diamond
Setting: bezel-setting
Width: 0.18 inches
Length: 0.23 inches

White-Diamond Information:

Stone shape: Round
Minimum color: White
Minimum clarity: SI-G
Stone Creation Method: Natural


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About Caratera

Caratera was founded by Carlos Caratera, as the son of a precious stone polisher. Carlos was intrigued by the beauty of the gemstones his father was polishing. From an early age, Carlos showed a natural gift for designing beautiful and unique jewelry that brings out the beauty of precious stones.

Today the name Caratera is synonymous with fine jewelry for men and women.

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